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Upcoming Event

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The SaDunya team is excited to announce the very first edition of its Festival to take place in Kingston, Ontario (Canada) in 2018. While the program isn’t definitive yet, we can say for certain that there will be concerts, workshops, live artistic performances, and a lot of creative and experiential events.

Why a SaDunya Festival?

Since its creation in 2011, the SaDunya Project has been seeking to build bridges between cultures and peoples, and to create a virtual meeting place and platform for expression. By featuring various artists, thinkers, places and World citizens who come from all around the globe, Fatoumata, Mamie, Aby, Doggy and Assane have been laying the foundations for this next step of the Project. The time is now to create a physical event where local and remote creative people will meet, create together and share their World with each other and with the public. And since languages have no barriers (and also because we’re in Canada), the Festival will be multilingual (English, French and some African and Indigenous Languages)..

Why Kingston?

In addition to its key position between Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and the US border, the city of Kingston (ON) has a lot of potential, kindness and beautiful viewpoints to offer. Here, the SaDunya Team have met many committed, creative and talented people, who are curious and open to discover new cultures. The historical first capital of Canada, Kingston is also at the heart of the Thousand Islands, a beautiful waterway which runs between Canada and the United States.

Sponsorship and support opportunities

Whether you’re interesting in becoming a main sponsor for the event or to support the artists by providing accommodation, food, material, etc., we’d love to partner with you! For more information, contact Melanie Sylla.

Volunteer opportunities

If you love art and peolpe in all its forms, have organization skills and want to actively take part in the preparation and execution of this event, contact Melanie Sylla to tell us how you’d like to be involved.

The SaDunya Project Core Team

Mélanie Sylla, Kingston, Canada
Ndaté Sylla, Kingston, Canada
Mbène Seck, New York, USA
Diogobe Ndao, Paris, France
Fatou Giroud, Valais, Switzerland
Fatoumata Sy, Goree, Senegal.

The Kingston Festival Team


Call for projects

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How to apply

Do you have a creative and unique project in one of these areas?< /br> Family, Environment, Community, Sharing, Technology, Philosophy, Debating ideas, Child’s perspective, Innocence and joy, Music, Painting, Dance, Media animation, Photo, All forms of art...


Must be of legal age in Canada as well as your home country.
Must be legally entitled to enter Canada.
Must not have a criminal record.
Must commit in writing to return to your home country after the Festival.
Must respect any other conditions set by Canada and the Province of Ontario.

Anyone who meets the above conditions can submit a project proposal (limit of one project per person/group). The Festival organizers will review all submissions and select the final candidates; these final candidates will then be presented to the sponsors, mentors and other competent authorities for final approval. Any projects which aren’t selected won’t be retained and the Festival organizers will provide an explanation for its decision upon request of the candidate.

All projects must be unique, original, and in alignment with the Festival’s values. The Festival’s values include: doing all things as environmentally sustainable as possible, maintaining a collaborative and constructive mindset, and cultivating a space which is friendly and respectful of all people. Collaborative and multidisciplinary projects with or between individuals/groups that are already showcased on the SaDunya website will be given priority.

The Festival will take place in Kingston, ON, Canada during the week of June 21st, 2018. Exact dates TBA.

To apply, follow these steps:

  • 1. Get to know the fives characters and select the one you most resonate with.
  • 2. Create a unique, original and inspiring project that fits the character you have selected! Your project proposal must include the following elements:
    • a. Concept (What is the main idea behind the project?)
    • b. Type of project (Is it interactive? A workshop, conference, or concert, etc.?)
    • c. Goal (What makes this project inspiring? What does it aim to achieve?)
    • d. Resources needed for the realization of the project (What will you need in terms of time, human, material, and financial resources to create your project?)
      Note that travel and accommodation fees should not be included in the budget.
    • e. Future of the project after the festival (Will it be sold? Donated? Recycled?)
      Please note that the organizers won’t keep any application files nor artworks.

Submit your project proposal to the SaDunya Festival Team before July 30th, 2017!

Fatoumata’s world
Fatoumata is the mother of the family. Her main values are family, environment, community and sharing. You can learn more about her here.

Mamie’s world
Mamie is the youngest of the family. With her child’s perspective, she brings a touch of innocence and joy to everything she approaches. You can learn more about her here.

Aby’s world
The oldest daughter of the family, Aby, is a teenager, a dreamer, a bit materialistic, who loves fashion and dreams of discovering New York City. She is also in charge of the SaDunya Project’s social media pages. You can learn more about her here.

Doggy’s world
Doggy is the artist of the family, a passionate rapper, he is curious about all forms of art, which for him is the only valid means of expression. You can learn more about him here.

Assane’s world
Assane is the eldest brother of the family and replaces the father figure. He has a passion for technology, philosophy and debating ideas. You can learn more about him here.